Stan Getz / Astrud Gilberto

The Girl From Ipanema / Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto

Listen: The Girl From Ipanema / Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto AstrudGilbertoIpanema.mp3

Why? Why is he posting this ubiquitous single? That’s totally what you’re thinking. At least I hope it is. A few reasons: a) it’s seminal b) where the fuck do you hear it these days and c) if and when you do – is it ever this single edit? NO. All those oldies stations with their digitally remastered, stereo perfect versions of ‘Homeward Bound’ or ‘Good Vibrations’. Come on. First of all, who needs someone to program these songs to us EVER again? We’ve been inundated with them for decades already, so much so that one simply needs to think about the track, and it plays in your head. Even worse, those lame stations don’t have a clue how to recreate that magical moment. AM hits, in mono, heard through transistors radios, accompanied by that beautiful crackle and treble-y eq – that’s what it was about. These bozos have it all wrong. Music through the laptop speakers actually works better for oldies than passe car FM. It’s one of the reasons listenership has plummeted.

So here it is, the mono, edited ‘Girl From Ipanema’, from my lovingly played 7″ vinyl, just as you remember it, no perfectly remastered stereo, no long jazz intro. Straight to the vocal and the hook.

Go see Astrud live. I did. She still has those bangs.

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