Unit 4 + 2

Listen: Baby Never Say Goodbye / Unit 4 + 2

Talk about a name that sounded relevant 30 years later – this could easily have sat nicely in the 90′s Dance world. Having the privilege of being on the UK Decca/US London roster meant they were on my radar from the get go. Initially burdened by a safe folk, almost Kingston Trio, sound and look, but for their third single, and first hit ‘Concrete And Clay’, the image was suitably scruffed up – most likely due to earning no money and expected to slog round the UK in a damp van with at best a plate of eggs, beans and toast to sustain. They continued releasing similar sounding tracks for a few years. None with the same chart success as that hit, but all sounding pretty similar in a good way. ‘Baby Never Say Goodbye’ was my favorite. By the time of it’s UK issue (Winter ’66), US London had given up on them – as it was the first of their singles not to get a US release. In fact, never again did Unit 4 + 2 manage a record here. Even though they switched to the UK Fontana label and made some pretty impressive psych folk tracks – there was no interest from Fontana US and it was basically a no go in the States.

British Chart 4-26-66

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