Lou Reed

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Listen: Walk On The Wild Side / Lou Reed LouReedWalk.mp3

Different vocal take altogether on this promo version (and in mono), something I never see any mention of in the price guides or collector’s blogs. For the trainspotters, a must have 7″.

The real shock here is that it was a hit – a massive hit – even in the US. It really happened, you could drive around, listening to Top 40 radio in 1972, with Lou Reed’s voice and lyrics were coming out of the dashboard, singing about he’s becoming she’s, colored girls, valium and head. What’s not to like? Only hip hop gets away with that now.

Credit where credit is due: Mick Ronson and David Bowie’s production is untouchable. Mick Ronson’s arrangements are untouchable. Lou Reed’s writing is untouchable. Has ever a song been more complimented by the recording? I can’t think of one.

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