The Ikettes

IkettesMakeEmUSA, The Ikettes, Ike Turner, Pompeii

Listen: Make Em Wait / The Ikettes IkettesMakeEm.mp3

IkettesBeautyUSA, The Ikettes, Ike Turner, Pompeii

Listen: Beauty Is Just Skin Deep / The Ikettes IkettesBeauty.mp3

I can admit it, the slightest reason has me in front of the wall shelf, flipping through The Ikettes section, all the while completely smitten with their behind the scenes details. Either truth or fantasy, the revolving lineups and drug dramas running rampant in LA’s black music scene during the 60′s – 70′s make for constant detail digging this end. Add Ike Turner into that mix and boom. Yet, everybody was popping out one great record after the next almost weekly.

Seems Ike was indeed of assembly line mindset. Recycling instrumental tracks often, and rewriting the same song regularly meant the verse/hook had to be strong – seemingly as hard a chore but way cheaper on the wallet.

Not an easy white label promo to find, I was only too happy stealing this for $6 on eBay recently.

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