Manu Dibango

Soul Makossa / Manu Dibango

Listen: Soul Makossa / Manu Dibango ManuSoulMakossa.mp3

Reggae Makossa / Manu Dibango

Listen: Reggae Makossa / Manu Dibango ManuReggae.mp3

There was some song, a current hit, I caught this morning when taking the kids to school. They either torture me with Z100 – or I torture them with the Bloomberg channel. Today was my turn to suffer. Said hit was a total lift of ‘Soul Makossa’. I wonder if anyone else noticed.

Ah for a time when this could actually get radio play. Interestingly, there’s hardly a hip hop track nowadays that doesn’t pummel rock music when it comes to pushing the envelope musically. So maybe this could work in the year 2009. It certainly didn’t in 1980 when the so-so reggae version was issued.

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