The Chemical Brothers

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Just to be clear, I started this blog so that the kids would have a diary of a lot of the things Dad did before I eventually drop dead. So occasionally, there’ll be a post like this:

I took Ping to see The Chemical Brothers yesterday. At 14, she was already on a high from iTune’s new social network having her nickname. Her friends were well impressed.

The first song she ever connected with at age 3 was ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’. We used to go everywhere and I’d say “Hey Boy”, she’d reply with “Hey Girl” and then we’d keep it going thru the rest of the lyrics. In that case, all my friends were impressed that she was into something pretty hip musically. She hated soft rock and teen pop, which were the first things I thought she might like, but as soon as she heard The Chemical Brothers, she lit up, smiled like I’ll never forget. Ask Duane, he was there.

So last night as we struggled our way through not only the crowd, but also three hours of ghastly uninteresting dj’s and acts with not a new idea in sight, we finally made it to the edge of the barrier, literally right in front of where the band were about to be. As always, when their setup was wheeled out, 50,000 kids went berserk – they knew, like me, the rest of the nonsense that had proceeded them was about to be leveled by the real deal.

The Chemical Brothers hadn’t been in New York for three years – how did that happen? Everyone, especially the super crazies in the front, were more than ready. As usual, it was beyond the beyond, absolutely un-topable. And this time, the light show was even a step higher than prior, if those of you who have seen them can believe that. (Proof below, especially around half way through when both lights and lazers really kick in). For true.

One of the greatest moments of my life happened when the first notes of ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ started. Ping turned to me and smiled looking exactly like she did at 3 when she first heard it.

A second smile for ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ that I will never ever forget.

Unlike when 3, at 14, she had a one word comment, “Epic”.


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