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Listen: Bucket O’ Grease / Les McCann LesMcCannGrease.mp3

I found a fun used record store close to the Majestic Theater in Detroit last week, tens of thousands of 45′s, not all in the greatest shape, but very moderately priced and very playable in the jukebox and on the suitcase players from the 60′s and 70′s – my favorites. It was a field day. I’d tell you the name of the joint, but I paid in cash and seriously do not recall. The club directed me to the shop, so ring them.

It was near closing time, or I’d have bought more. Some were no brainers, like a Les McCann on Limelight called ‘Bucket O’ Grease’ for $1.00

Walked out with about two hundred singles and I’ll be posting a bunch in the next few weeks. Great stuff.

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