Lightnin’ Hopkins

Listen: Mr. Charlie (Part 1) / Lightnin’ Hopkins
Mr. Charlie (Part 1) / Lightnin' Hopkins

Listen: Mr. Charlie (Part 2) / Lightnin’ Hopkins
Mr. Charlie (Part 2) / Lightnin' Hopkins

‘Mr. Charlie’, with a spoken word, pre-music setup that characterizes many a Lightnin’ Hopkins song, gets my vote for his best.

It had been eating at me the past 24 hours or so, ever since yesterday’s Willie Dixon post went live. I just knew there was something in the collection that had a similar feel, a record, once finally acquired, that got played so much, my loved one threatened divorce. Then I remembered it, while struggling through midtown during today’s stifling NYC heat, near the Sony building. Charlie, a formerly powerful yet loathsome executive popped into my head. Of course, that’s it. Lightnin’ Hopkins’ ‘Mr. Charlie’

This evening’s reward: a/c, ice water and ‘Mr. Charlie’ on repeat.

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