Catch the Wind / Donovan

Listen: Catch the Wind / Donovan 1-01 Catch The Wind (Single Version).mp3

I heard this song in a recent commercial, not sure which one. I think Bob Dylan was a touch too much for me back then (although ‘I Want You’ was a favorite). I found a bit more attraction to Donovan’s stuff. Maybe it’s because he was from the UK, a handy plus during the British Invasion years. This first single was a standout. In it’s day, being a summertime hit brought even more attention to it’s chilly gloom. Donovan went on to make many great records, and really broke ground production-wise during his association with Mickie Most which started in ’66. ‘Sunshine Superman’ still reminds me of how fresh it was every time I hear it now. Donovan’s a big animal protectionist, so I hope he got a ton of money for that commercial.

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