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Frankie & Johnny

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Listen: I’ll Hold You / Frankie & Johnny
I'll Hold You / Frankie & Johnny

Thank you Memorial Day junk sales. Today Hickory, tomorrow UK Decca.

I told you I’d find one.

Frankie & Johnny

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

FrankieJohnny, Frankie & Johnny, Maggie Bell, Decca, Inferno, Hickory

Listen: I’ll Hold You / Frankie & Johnny FrankieJohnny.mp3

My bet: not much was expected when Maggie Bell (Frankie) came to London from Scotland to record ‘I’ll Hold You’ which she’d co-written with Bobby Kerr (Johnny) for UK Decca, and eventually licensed to the US Nashville based Hickory label. Hickory an odd choice admittedly, although they did pick up, with great success, the early Donovan releases as well as a few other British acts.

This was a few years before Maggie Bell joined/formed Stone The Crows and then onto solo releases via Swan Song Records. In that time (around five years) much would change about Maggie Bell, most noticeably her voice which on this recording was quite smooth. Yet by the time she began with Stone The Crows, a rough Janis Joplin quality was well in place.

Wish I had that original Decca or Hickory pressing to post and own, but meanwhile this later Inferno release is doing nicely as a temp. I will find those originals, that I can assure you.


Friday, October 17th, 2008

Catch the Wind / Donovan

Listen: Catch the Wind / Donovan 1-01 Catch The Wind (Single Version).mp3

I heard this song in a recent commercial, not sure which one. I think Bob Dylan was a touch too much for me back then (although ‘I Want You’ was a favorite). I found a bit more attraction to Donovan’s stuff. Maybe it’s because he was from the UK, a handy plus during the British Invasion years. This first single was a standout. In it’s day, being a summertime hit brought even more attention to it’s chilly gloom. Donovan went on to make many great records, and really broke ground production-wise during his association with Mickie Most which started in ’66. ‘Sunshine Superman’ still reminds me of how fresh it was every time I hear it now. Donovan’s a big animal protectionist, so I hope he got a ton of money for that commercial.