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Hot Chip

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Ready for the Floor / Hot Chip

Listen: Ready For The Floor / Hot Chip Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor.mp3

If you know me, then your are aware of two things. I loathe coloured vinyl and love Hot Chip. I have seen every New York show the band has played, starting with their opening slot at the now closed Rothko for Maximo Park (steer clear). That night, they got by on very little equipment (it seemed like a bunch of lap tops set up on ironing boards) with only great songs and happy vibes. They are a strange looking bunch, so strange that I think it’s part of the appeal. A few tours ago, they had a live drummer at Webster Hall. It was thunderous. The peak of their percussive brilliance. This past April, they suddenly had several guitars in the mix, at one point three being played simultaneously. Stop guys. Step back please. Don’t do the guitar thing – it reeks of trying to make it in America, even if that isn’t the purpose. But Hot Chip live still pretty much dwarf the competition and I will gladly issue them an out of jail free card on the guitar front. Despite most of their 7″ singles being released on coloured vinyl, I need them all. At least some of them are pretty, tangerines and pinks. The sleeves are always great. ‘Ready For The Floor’ is a big big big favorite. It was the only song on my shuffle for about six weeks. I didn’t need anything else. I’ve clocked in about 400 plays of it. Classic.