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Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Listen: Overkill / Motorhead
Overkill / Motorhead

Seminal single. Seminal song actually. Not that I need to tell anyone this. But funny enough, many of the most common records I post get the greatest number of plays. Go figure.

As with lots of singles considered hard core metal, like rap, electronic and dance, a 7″ is fairly uncommon. I don’t see many ‘Overkill’ copies on 45 about, and therefore love this one even that much more.

Listen: Too Late, Too Late / Motorhead
Too Late, Too Late / Motorhead

The A side is certainly well known, but I’m pretty sure ‘Too Late, Too Late’ never made it to an album. Guessing it’s been scraped off the barrel bottom to resell the fans on a ‘Best of’ cd with pretty much material they already own, but as a traditional vinyl B side….here you go.

Above: Jukebox Tab signed by Lemmy

Now the real point of this Motorhead post is to give you a look at the jukebox tab Lemmy filled out a few weeks back.

Here’s the thing, Lemmy will do anything for Howard Thompson. HT pretty much has carte blanche with him. In short, when no one was interested in signing Motorhead, and I do mean no one, Howard saw the obvious while running A&R at Bronze, gave them a singles deal and the rest is indeed, history.

So tagging along with him to a Motorhead show is a no brainer. Into Lemmy’s inner dressing room we go, complete with all the trimmings. Meaning lots of Jack and coke, and potato chips. And Lemmy of course, gracious as can be.

Hanging out with the man from Motorhead is a major thrill, period. For me, the added value of sitting talking with one of The Rockin’ Vickers is basically priceless.


Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

ministryjesusuk, ministry, sire, arista, The Ritz
ministryjesusps1, ministry, sire, arista, The Ritz

Listen: Jesus Built My Hotrod / Ministry MinistryJesus.mp3

Did you see Ministry in the early 90′s when they played behind the chain link fence for the whole set? If not, you fucked up.

They started out sounding so different than what they successfully evolved into. Remember that Arista release, sitting more comfortably with Haircut 100 than Motorhead?

Never mind Al Jourgensen, all is forgiven. One of the singles of the century.