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Lords Of Acid

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Listen: I Sit On Acid / Lords Of Acid LordsOfAcid.mp3

A great host never lets you down. Not in Glasgow more than a few hours, Lindsay Hutton has Corinne and I in a record shop. I was happy, she was not. It was after all, our first time there and she wanted to see some classic old buildings. Some history. For fuck’s sake alright, give me ten minutes.

Slavishly, I had to make it quick. My fingers did the walking through the newly arrived 7″ bins – and fast. Mostly indie rubbish. One particular record stood out. Obviously, the sleeve helped. Even though in ’89, seems everything had acid in the title, ‘I Sit On Acid’ looked tacky and sleazy. I was in.

Can clearly recall every lip back at Lindsay’s place curled with the mere suggestion of playing it. So not until arriving home in New York did the single even get a spin. Verdict: Nice gamble, great payoff, and on a 7″.

In it’s day, ‘I Sit On Acid’ pushed every envelope. Genius intro and a good sick grind. Within a year, Lords Of Acid were getting so much local club play, it was simply impossible to avoid the track regardless of where you went. Not a problem, the longer the version, the better.

Both Praga Khan spinoffs, only later did I figure out they were one in the same with Digital Orgasm, their rave alter ego. Deservedly, a perfectly legal license to print money.