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The Blisters

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Listen: Shortnin’ Bread / The Blisters

It’s fun to be wandering on your own, completely lost, every once in a while. So is the case with The Blisters. No idea who they were, or where they ended up. Google is pretty far reaching, but when it comes to records like this apparent one off, even the World Wide Web is baffled.

Thinking this was yet another formula rendition of ‘Shortnin’ Bread’ proves negative. Instead, The Blisters’ take is pretty inspired, not following the easy rockabilly path but instead, doo wop meets jump.

Listen: Cookie Rockin’ In Her Stockings / The Blisters

Scouring a Liberty discography puts this release somewhere in ’63. Checking out eBay for interest, seems there’s not too much. One guy had a post calling them and this single a one hit wonder. More like no hit, it neither charted on the Top 100 nor Bubbled Under.

Impossible to not spin ‘Cookie Rockin’ In Her Stockings’ a few times on title alone. A good double sider, and a keeper.