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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

 Geraldine / Glasvegas

 Geraldine / Glasvegas

Listen: Geraldine / Glasvegas GlasvegasGeraldine.mp3

Despite the colored vinyl (I hate the stuff – records should be black the way God made them), this single, well this band actually, are so good I had to be honest. I play this often. I liked, never loved, Echo & The Bunnymen – and many of the similar bands of that time. Occasionally a single would become essential. Is it fair to say Galsvegas harken back to that period sonically, I think so. That’s ok it’s been long enough now – 20-ish years. Maybe a more accurate comparison should be The Skids. Yes, The Skids. They puked up great 45’s .

The new Glasvegas single, ’Flowers & Football Tops’ is equally seminal. I’ll post it the very second a 7″ gets released.

Nice one Ollie Hodge for taking a chance on signing them. Makes everybody look good.