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Betty Davis

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

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bettydavistalkinus, Betty Davis, Miles Davis, Island

Listen: Talkin’ Trash / Betty Davis BettyDavisTalkin.mp3

It wasn’t exactly her voice that attracted me – a mixture of Genya Ravan, Lydia Pence from Cold Blood and any one of The Slits. But some of the tracks were amongst the best of the day. Her NASTY GAL album didn’t seem to fit in anywhere, didn’t sell and for years became expensively sought after. The singles were even more obscure and they are must-haves.

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BettyWrightPS, Betty Davis, Island, Miles Davis

Listen: He Was A Big Freak / Betty Davis BettyDavisFreak.mp3

Most surprising of all her work with Island, ‘He Was A Big Freak’, the non-LP 7″ b side, somehow didn’t make the album. Other than ‘Talkin’ Trash’ and the title track ‘Nasty Gal’, it’s probably her best song. Being the wife of Miles Davis conjures up many a potential person as to who this one may have been based on.