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Monday, December 13th, 2010

Listen: Shout Bamalama / Otis Redding OtisBamalama.mp3

Recorded in ’60 and issued early the next year as Otis Redding & The Pinetoppers on both the Confederate and Orbit labels, ‘Shout Bamalama’ was quickly picked up by the King subsidiary Bethlehelm. Despite these various pressings, it was a nasty process trying to find a copy. Most common is the later reissue on King proper, released simply as Otis Redding. And even that is damn scarce.

Sue UK picked up ‘Shout Bamalama’ four years later, in ’65, trading off on the frenzy surrounding his live shows and subsequent success of PAIN IN MY HEART entering Britain’s album chart. As with the US King pressing, the record was issued only as Otis Redding.

Sue UK was in full force that year, both as an outlet for US Sue masters and stray singles such as ‘Shout Bamalama’, conveniently available for licensing in England from small American blues and RnB imprints. The label’s release schedule was a jaw dropper.

Listen: Fat Girl / Otis Redding OtisFatGirl.mp3

It was no surprise to read Otis Redding sighting Little Richard as his biggest influence in THE LIFE AND TIMES OF LITTLE RICHARD: THE AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY, certainly not after having heard both sides of this single. It’s pounding, driving, stomping soul review delivery was indeed Little Richard’s blueprint.

‘Fat Girl’ sounds maybe like one of Otis Redding’s earliest songwriting attempts, thankfully not covering his tracks, and thereby parking itself next to ‘Get Down With It’, in my opinion, Little Richard’s shining moment on 7″, and a single I’ve posted previously.