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The Jesus & Mary Chain

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Listen: Just Like Honey / The Jesus & Mary Chain
Just Like Honey / The Jesus & Mary Chain

Delivering a lyric of questionable etiquette completely deadpan works every last time. Thus the case here.

The Jesus & Mary Chain debuted on ‘the best name ever for a band’ chart at #1. Everybody took notice. From the onset, they applied the cheap reverb drenched Wall Of Sound coverup technique to slowed down surf rooted songs, looked believably disinterested and boom, a career was born.

All the singles are worth having, most quite similar but never tiring. ‘Just Like Honey’ peaked the band’s Bobby Gillespie era for me. Pretty sure I went to their US debut at Danceteria and left impressed. Well…I think that’s what happened at least.

Really wish I had a large center hole copy for the jukebox.