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The Mose Allison Trio

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Listen: Baby, Please Don’t Go / The Mose Allison Trio
Baby, Please Don't Go / The Mose Allison Trio

Not for years after I should have paid attention, did I finally discover Mose Allison. He played local clubs when I was in college, but I foolishly missed him. Somewhere along the line, I’d noticed Georgie Fame dropping his name one too many times, so had a look. Probably picked up a dollar album or the like. Don’t remember noticing his singles much. Their voices were almost identical, and the way Georgie Fame revered him was obvious.

This would have been the early 90′s, when I started to collecting jazz singles. They were everywhere, and dirt cheap. All of them sounded particularly good in the jukebox. I used to brag about hating jazz, and how it should be a controlled substance but now admit my arrogance was out of line. Still don’t like the brassy side, but small combo piano/guitar/vibes stuff, love those. The Mose Allison Trio fit right in, definitely paved my way to a whole new genre of 7″ collecting.