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Otis Redding

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Listen: Mr. Pitiful / Otis Redding
Mr. Pitiful / Otis Redding

The last time I saw The Rolling Stones, at The Pheonix in Toronto, they played this number. The secret club show, a warm up or some such angle, kicked off their 2005 world tour on August 10th of that year. It felt unreal, in such a small place, making eye contact with The Rolling Stones.

Listen: That’s How Strong My Love Is / Otis Redding
That's How Strong My Love Is / Otis Redding

The first time I saw them, October 30, 1965, the band played this one. Like ‘Mr. Pitiful’, ‘That’s How Strong My Love Is’ seems to have been an Otis Redding inspired choice.

That show felt unreal too, this little boy being transported to a seemingly far away land of British rock, yet right there before these unprepared eyes. Life’s first high, impossible to ever forget.