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Buster Brown

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Listen: Sugar Babe / Buster Brown

If you can’t get enough Buster Brown, you’ve come to the right place. Yeah, I know, I do go on about Buster Brown a bit. Maybe a result of totally missing him when current. Fair enough, I was a little tyke, but that didn’t stop me attaching to a bunch of other current RnB acts of the day.

Admittedly admitting the above, Buster Brown most likely got ignored by northeast programers consistently. Let’s be real, this stuff was way to earthy for them. Relegated to chitlin circuit radio and venues, Buster Brown clearly made little impact in
Syracuse, New York.

Acquired this earlier today amongst a big box of 45′s from an estate sale. $5 for the whole lot, about 300. Highway robbery in one respect, but I did get up at 5AM in the dead of winter and left the house with wet shower hair, so we’re even.

Thankfully, The Rolling Stones lifted his sound, riffs and songs back in’65, introducing him to us white suburban kids, if only by accident. Hopefully they paid him.