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The Selecter / The Bodysnatchers

Monday, October 13th, 2008

On My Radio / The Selecter

Listen: On My Radio / The Selecter SelectorOnMyRadio.mp3

The Ska Revival, that was it, the thing that followed punk. (see The Psychedelic Furs post below). Now I remember what we did on New Year’s Eve that Christmas holiday in London ’79. Went to Dingwalls to see The Selecter and The Bodysnatchers. What a scene. Everyone was way into making sure they looked the part. Oh yes, punk was very yesterday and the ska crowd was here to let you know it.

There was nothing not to love, yes it was a blast. The two bands just leveled the place. It was a dance party plus. Dingwalls was heaving, and it’s probably the thrill of it all that I recall to be honest. But I definitely remember The Selecter being tight and sharp.

Let's Do Rock Steady / The Selecter

Listen: Let’s Do Rock Steady / The Bodysnatchers BodysnatchersRockSteady.mp3

The Bodysnatchers were a mostly female band, I think a few of them went on to form The Belle Stars. And they looked super snazzed with really crazy thrift store rags proudly sewn into riches. Great singles.