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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Words / The Gatherers

Listen: Words / The Gatherers Words.mp3

Hot Tip / Prince Django

Listen: Hot Tip / Prince Django HotTip.mp3

Another highlight from the career of Lee Perry…

In 1973 Perry was working at Dynamic Studios when The Gatherers were brought to meet him for the first time. He was so impressed and excited, he recorded them on the spot. ‘Words Of My Mouth’ (its formal title) was one of the songs they did. It was to become one of his most famous songs, and also most enduring rhythms. He remixed and re-vocaled it countless times over the next few years, I know of ten distinct remixes.

Released as a single quickly after ‘Words…’, the first DJ verson was ‘Hot Tip’, a scorcher that starts off fighting, with Scratch admonishing a young studio upstart. The squabble is brought to an end by the quick snap of a rolling timbale intro. Prince Django, delivers the goods with his promise of a ‘Hot Tip…’ but the instrumental section in the middle gives opportunity for the argument to start up again, with Scratch warning the youth to “Step back, Jah!”

A version of ‘Hot Tip’ was included in an altered form on the ground-breaking BLACKBOARD JUNGLE DUB LP, in its original wide stereo first pressing edition. Titled ‘Kasha Macka Dub’, it is largely a dub version, lacking most of Django’s verbal gymnastics.

Both tracks have a very much Black Ark studio sound, yet both were recorded several years before that studio was built.