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Lightnin’ Hopkins

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Listen: Santa / Lightnin’ Hopkins LihjtninSanta.mp3

Now here’s a Christmas song you don’t hear much, or ever I suppose. Seriously, there were no premeditated plans of finding a seasonal selection, not to mention one that tests your gagging reflex for being hip or highbrow. Quite simply, trolling through the H’s looking for my Homesick James 7′s, it was impossible not to stop off in the Lightnin’ Hopkins section.

There’s something so magnetic about this single. I clearly recall it being a summertime acquisition yet the record defies seasonality. Despite what those more knowledgable than myself might insist his best releases to be, ‘Santa’ b/w ‘Black Mare Trot’ hands down, makes for my very favorite Lightnin’ Hopkins 7″, and mind you, I have several.

Listen: Black Mare Trot / Lightnin’ Hopkins LightninBlackMare.mp3

So subtle and so pristine, ‘Black Mare Trot’ incorporates his beautiful signature fingerstyle playing.

This double sider was the first Lightnin’ Hopkins single I ever owned, or heard, for that matter. Part of a 10 for $1 shrink rapped box that was commonly sold in discount department stores circa the late 60′s. In this particular instance, Woolworth’s Oneida, New York being the location. That shop was always a goldmine for just these type of dream come trues.