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Lonnie Youngblood

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Listen: Soul Food / Lonnie Youngblood
Soul Food / Lonnie Youngblood

I’m a sucker for food songs. It probably explains my fascination with the Food Network, which my pal Maridi coined so well as ‘comfy’. Anyways, sonically, this track just captures a time period that, if you’re hooked on, you can’t get enough of. Specifically, 1965 RnB or Soul, and sometimes referred to as a chitlin’ circuit sound which I find a little offensive.

It was during Lonnie Youngblood’s period with Fairmount that his band included Jimi Hendrix, who in theory is on this track. Never mind, it’s more importantly a food record favorite, along with ‘Breakin’ Bread‘ by Fred & The New JB’s and The Soul Runners ‘Grits & Corn Bread’.

Not that I would eat most of the items he sings about, but he does make me feel like I want to join in.

The Soul Runners

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

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Listen: Last Date / The Soul Runners SoulRunnersLastDate.mp3

Probably better known for their debut MoSoul single, ‘Grits ‘ N Corn Bread’, this followup doesn’t lean on a great song title to draw attention. To these ears, in fact, it’s Joe Zawinul’s ‘Mercy Mercy Mercy’, despite actually being a Floyd Cramer song. Who was scamming who here?

To thicken the plot, there are conflicting reports that The Soul Runners are actually an early incarnation of Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, although Charles himself claims otherwise. Regardless, their singles are great grooves, and must haves.