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Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Listen: Here Comes Your Man / Pixies
Here Comes Your Man / Pixies

‘Here Comes Your Man’ was released as a 7″ either right before or straight after ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’. Regardless, together they were the band’s crowning 45rpm singles moment. Surprisingly, both were Top 5 Modern Rock hits in the US. Well maybe not so shocking, there was a patch in the late 80′s and early 90′s when alternative stuff was pretty mainstream. Some even went Top 40.

A bunch of us coined their sound as plinky plinky, which in a more just world, should be recognized as a genre. The band seemingly had an intentional refusal to evolve into more complex musicians. The simplicity became a charm that wore thin eventually.

Suddenly, The Pixies upside was dwarfed. Despite the scene they rolled with, ‘Here Comes Your Man’ forced the band out of the comfortable underground space and into pop. Great songs, but their indie inflexibility was too off putting for a mainstream ear, and they never did cross over, which is a real drag. Feels like they had a ton of great singles in them.

This is my opinion totally, but I’d bet money on it.