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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Out Of Our Tree / Wailers

Listen: Out Of Our Tree / Wailers WailersOutOfTree.mp3

Imagine growing up and hearing this stuff on the radio. It happened to me. See my post on The Riot Squad from two days ago (March 1) with the local Syracuse radio survey. Even I couldn’t believe all the seminal singles WOLF played when reading it over. Probably would have done better in school if hadn’t been for that station. I couldn’t concentrate.

It’d been ages since I pulled this one out of the shelf. The past several years have seen a religious honoring of 60′s garage rock – so much so that I don’t need to play much of it at home anymore. And now that Holly over at Sirius gave me a radio, Little Steven’s Underground Garage covers me totally. I heard The Hullaballoos on there last week. Last time I heard them on the radio was……1965.

‘Out Of Our Tree’ has to be at the top of it’s genre. Fuck me does it soar! Not many singles swing as hard as this one.

It eventually peaked at #3 at WOLF (see below – click to enlarge). Do you think any other station in the country, outside Tacoma, their home town, even played it?

WOLF 4-30-66