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Roscoe Shelton

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Listen: Wedding Cake / Roscoe Shelton
Wedding Cake / Roscoe Shelton

Always moth to flame when it comes to food related songs, I can admit an implied dessert tray will always, hands down, be the most attractive. From that box in storage mentioned a few posts ago which my sometimes fried memory does not recall the origins of, that same brain has no problem recognizing the ripping power of a God given voice. Enter Roscoe Shelton.

As for ‘Wedding Cake’, marvel at the building swagger of the song’s greatness, but howl too at it’s double entendre lyric. Plain and simple, they’re brilliantly clever and a Blowfly style riot.

The guy was close friend to Bobby Hebb as well. Hard to top that.

Roscoe Shelton. One of too many unsung, under appreciated RnB gems.