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The Real Roxanne & Hitman Howie Tee

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Listen: (Bang Zoom) Let’s Go Go / The Real Roxanne & Hitman Howie Tee

Is this the world’s first mashup? Sure does sound like it to me. So many great production ideas. “Sorry, wrong beat”. Top that.

Guessing those studio maneuvers came from Hitman Howie Tee, English born fellow. Real name: Howard Thompson. No, not the same Howard that’s mentioned everywhere else on this blog, bit if I were him, I’d certainly claim I was.

‘(Bang Zoom) Let’s Go Go’ just missed the UK Top 10 (#11) in ’86.

For being an American street record of that moment, it’s quite embarrassing the single did better in the UK than here at home, where it didn’t chart at all. Seriuosly, it did not enter our Top 100. So was/is the everlasting state of America’s terrestrial radio programmers, desperately out of touch with the very audience they need in order to keep their jobs, most of whom don’t currently have them from said time period as a result. Good riddance.

Revel in the brilliance of ‘(Bang Zoom) Let’s Go Go’, still in many ways, light years ahead of it’s time.