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Wanda Jackson

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Listen: Let’s Have A Party / Wanda Jackson WandaParty.mp3

Who doesn’t love Wanda Jackson?

I’ll tell you who – only people that don’t know about her. Dragging along a big old impressive history that included Elvis, her real unheard of at the time talent was being a rockin’ ass guitar player. My guess is way more rockin’ than the recordings give evidence to.

‘Let’s Have A Party’ was her first Billboard hit after signing to Capitol, when rockabilly safely walked hand in hand with country.

Listen: Cool Love / Wanda Jackson WandaCool.mp3

It’s B side, ‘Cool Love’ features touring band members pianist Big Al Downing and guitarist Roy Clark. Other than The Duchess and Cordell Jackson (no relation), she had no competition for years and years. Neither did they.

And then there was Ivy.