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Guadalcanal Diary

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Listen: Always Saturday / Guadalcanal Diary

Ever rediscover a single to the point of it becoming a new all time favorite song, the kind you play about twenty times in a row, oddly wanting it to end so you can start it all over again? Love when that happens. And it did earlier with ‘Always Saturday’.

Basically, I’d spent the afternoon digging through boxes of records in my storage space. This, by the way, is pure heaven to me. Forever the hoarder, I’d squirreled away about fifteen copies of this years ago, only to discover them today. So I pulled one out and an added it the play pile. After the first time through on the RCA stacker, I just let the single fly on repeat for a good half hour. A ton of Elektra memories came washing back.

Making for coincidence, Mike Bone called earlier in the week. Cell rings. ‘Mike Bone’ on caller ID. We proceeded to burn up nearly an hour like it was a minute. So pulling out a chunk of Guadalcanal Diary singles a day or two later couldn’t have been more fitting.

Let me set the record straight. Guadalcanal Diary were one of the most fun bands I ever had the chance to work with. Hard working, never a complaint, always smiling, always appreciative. They spoiled me.

This was from the fourth album, the first one they made after I’d left Elektra. Wish I could claim A&R credit for it, but can not. The 45 was on my jukebox for the longest time, and it got played until the grooves turned grey. I love a seriously well played record, they have their own sound to them as well, a kind of lived in ambience.

Well, ‘Always Saturday’ was basically a perfect single, another one that should’ve been a Top 40 hit. Why is US radio so bad?