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Iron Cross

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Listen: Little Bit O’ Soul / Iron Cross

There’s nothing like a stone solid flop. Records such as those are often times my favorites. Enter Iron Cross.

‘Little Bit O’Soul’ is an early incarnation of, in my observation, metal confusing itself with glam. Even before the later had peaked, the former was slithering it’s way into a thirty some odd year presence. Much of the imaging and music associated with the Los Angeles Sunset Strip pop metal calamity from the 80′s grew out of California’s infatuation with English glam during the 70′s, including records such as this. Mix that with Gazzarri’s pay to play numbskull helium guitars and there you have them, hair bands and their accompanying fully formed genre, glam metal.

Little seems known about Iron Cross, bar the rumour they were an alias for eternal prog rock support slot champions Rare Bird. As with Erasmus Chorum, Hector, Screemer and other similar bands, most can lay claim to a one single discography during their brief history. All of them and more have found their way onto some must have glam comps like BOOBS or the fantastic GLITTER FROM THE LITTER BIN.