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Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Listen: Rendez-Vu / Basement Jaxx

Always a shocker to hear a record, like ‘Rendez-Vu’, and feeling like it was just yesterday. But in reality, sobering up to the fact it was indeed ten plus years ago, and now sounds…dated. Not in the negative implication the word always brings, but as a freeze frame of a time gone by and it’s accompanying soundtrack.

Absolutely the go-to bunch for a serious Andy Warhol fifteen minutes, Basement Jaxx kinda overdid the groovy, why didn’t I think of that collaboration, features on too, too many songs. Still, I rate them and most of my friends do as well.

‘Red Alert’, the flip on this one, seems to be the favorite but I do prefer ‘Renez-Vu’, which btw, was their biggest UK single (#4). So interestingly, I’m siding with the mainstream public for possibly the first time in my life.