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Wes Montgomery & His Brothers

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Listen: June In January / Wes Montgomery & His Brothers WesMontgomeryJune.mp3

Having recorded initially with his siblings as The Montgomery Brothers, Wes Montgomery released his first few Fantasy singles continuing to include the boys. This is one.

I’ve many times thrown on a handful of his 7′s, or an album. They make for a good mood feel. I’d actually forgotten about finding ‘June In January’ in such perfect condition until doing some filing earlier this evening, so when deciding to share it, did some Wes Montgomery research.

Basically, he learned his craft by listening to and learning the recordings of idol, guitarist Charlie Christian and was known for his ability to play Christian solos note for note. As a result, he got hired by Lionel Hampton for this very reason.

According to Jazz guitar educator Wolf Marshall, Montgomery often approached solos in a three-tiered manner: He would begin a repeating progression with single note lines, derived from scales or modes; after a fitting number of sequences, he would play octaves for a few more sequences, finally culminating with block chords. He did not know scales or modes, let alone musical theory and used mostly superimposed triads and arpeggios as the main source for his soloing ideas and sounds.

Don’t ask me what the hell he’s talking about – I just like when Wes sounds like he’s showing off, even though he’s completely not.

Boogaloo Joe Jones

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Right On / Boogaloo Joe Jones

Listen: Right On / Boogaloo Joe Jones 01 Right On.mp3

It pays to hit church sales even when it’s raining. I learned my junking skills years ago, and have really calmed down the obsession in the last few. But I decided to hit a rummage this AM. It was gloomy when I woke up, just like in the fall when most of the good rummage/church/Jewish center sales are, so almost nostalgically, I got up and went. If I’d known last night what a nice pile of jazz 7″ers were awaiting me, I wouldn’t have slept at all. Etta Jones, Jimmy Smith, Wes Montgomery, Jimmy McGriff, Brother Jack McDuff….I know, it’s cruel to continue. And the sweet checkout lady, who remembered me dragging my daughter Lucy last year, asked about her, quite happy I was buying a cake from their bake sale to bring home – so she gave me the singles (about 20) and a citrus orange (with a 70′s ‘Love American Style’ flower pattern in lemon & butterscotch) crock pot for $2.00 total. I’m knee deep in them, all cleaned and bagged. I always loved this one. It might be a bit PC of me to choose, but it sounds so warm in mono on vinyl. I tried it in the jukebox – WOW! Scary. They were made for each other – I’d swear it was mastered through Seeburg speakers if I didn’t know better. Now I do have a few of BJJ’s albums, seems he only recorded for about 12 years (’66-’78) and word is he’s a preacher in Pennsylvania. He also is listed as Ivan ‘Boogaloo Joe’ Jones, depending on where you look. His BLACK WHIP album from 73 for Fantasy has some good things (‘Freak Off’ and ‘Black Whip’), but also some dodgy covers of McCartney’s ‘My Love’ and Elton’s ‘Daniel’. Ouch. I prefer the earlier 60′s stuff, like ‘Right On’ that feature his immaculate guitar style without the clutter of noisy brass jazz, which I loathe.