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Monday, July 20th, 2009

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Listen: Why Can’t We Live Together / Timmy Thomas TimmyThomasWhyCant.mp3

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Listen: Stone To The Bone / Timmy Thomas TimmyThomasStone.mp3

‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ may have the world’s longest intro… that became a hit that is. Vocal starts at 1:37. Proves it’s either the real thing or it isn’t – and this one just is. Massive Attack did a nice cover, basically staying close to the original. Despite being deemed a one hit wonder, his many followup singles lay down a great groove, even as they morphed into a more disco style. ‘Stone To The Bone’ proves ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ was so good, a re-write of it worked just fine, getting a lot of RnB play and charting at #74.