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Peaches & Herb

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Listen: Two Little Kids / Peaches & Herb Peaches2Little.mp3

When I pulled out a handful of their singles to play over the weekend, my kids asked who was singing.

“Peaches & Herb.”

“Sounds like a new tea choice from Celestial Seasonings.” Man, they can so be quick sometimes.

But most of us know otherwise. Me, I considered them my RnB Sonny & Cher.

Through the years, there was one Herb and several Peaches. Six to be exact. Initially signed to Date Records from ’66 – ’70, it’s former vocalist with The Sweet Things, Francine Day, who took the lead on all the recordings and is admittedly my favorite. Even after her retirement from touring two years in (Marlene Mack from The Jaynetts replaced her live), she remained Peaches in the studio. Every last Peaches & Herb single on the label is a must for any proper collection.

Listen: Shake Your Groove Thing / Peaches & Herb PeachesGroove.mp3

Despite my penchant for Northern Soul, and for Date Records, it’s this later single that is the riot worth posting. Everyone knows it. And once I got the riff into my head this morning, it was unshakeable, for the entire day.

Linda Greene, the third Peaches, indeed does a great vocal on this one.

‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ – think about it. In some ways, the mainstream was much looser twenty or so years ago (Culture Club for example) than now. No matter. The record was massive (#5 US). Did every programmer just turn an blind eye to the lyrics? I guess so.

So what exactly is a groove thing?

The Jaynetts

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

jaynettesuka, Jaynetts, Stateside, Tuff Records, Zelma Sanders

Listen: Sally Go ’round The Roses / The Jaynetts JaynettesSallyUKA.mp3

jaynettsukb,  Jaynetts, Stateside, Tuff Records, Zelma Sanders

Listen: Sally Go ’round The Roses (Instrumental) / Sing Along Without The Jaynetts JaynettsUKB.mp3

Again, gospel rooted, but with a constant revolving door of members (there were five in the group yet only three pictured on the album sleeve), who could really become a fan? Plus they were constantly changing their name. Go figure. Still, nice single. Fun to play every once in a while, and it does sound pretty natural amongst a bunch of soul singles in my jukebox.

You gotta love the B side label copy. Just pull the band-aid off and tell it like it is. The Jaynetts aren’t even on it.