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Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Massi Massa / The Tennors

Listen: Massi Massa / The Tennors MassaMassa.mp3

Originally called The Tennor Twins, the duo of George “Clive” Murphy and Maurice “Professor” Johnson, recorded first for Coxsone Dodd at Studio One. They are said to have auditioned for Dodd’s arranger Jackie Mittoo in the back of a cab to land their recording deal. As a result, they had the biggest hit of 1967 with the semi-rude ‘Pressure & Slide’, whose rhythm track would be recycled numerous times over the next 10 years. It was used for Prince Buster’s ‘Orange Street’, and Alton Ellis’ ‘Aint That Loving You’, as well as the Lee Perry track ‘Musical Doctor’ from his 1992 album recorded at Studio One.

The Tennors went on to have further rude hits thru the 60′s with ‘Ride Mi Donkey’, and ‘Rub Mi Khaki’, as well as this gem, ‘Massi Massa’. The story of country girls who move to town thinking they are going to become queens of society, only to find themselves homeless and miserable having had no idea that life could be so tuff. “Massi massa, massa me bwoy, I wonder why the time is so hard…” Something many of us can identify with these days.

Despite the rude slackness of their early releases, The Tennors went on to become a Christian reggae band who still perform today. Not sure if ‘Rub Mi Khaki’ is still in the set list.

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