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Al Grey

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Listen: Salty Papa / Al Grey AlGreySaltyPapa.mp3

Ella Fitzgerald’s version of ‘Black Coffee’ is classic. Some adult radio station spun it while riding in a friend’s parent’s car back in the early 70′s. His Dad was driving us somewhere or another, a couple of hours away, and everyone was well fidgety trying to tolerate the music. Indeed, it was a challenge until this came on, then suddenly worth the struggle.

Soon after, I found a promo of her then current Reprise album, THINGS AIN’T WHAT THEY USED TO BE, in a used shop for $1.00. Not only was ‘Black Coffee’ included, but her rendition of ‘Sunny’ was as well. Perfect.

Al Grey featured on the trombone. Although not one for brass, it was hard to ignore his post-swing era style, almost muzak or bachelor pad. You couldn’t have matched a better player to the songs.

Fast forward to September 2010. While rummaging through a Detroit junk shop, I came across a fairly beat copy of Al Grey’s ‘Salty Papa’ on Argo. A no brainer at 25ยข.

Somewhat more in the Lionel Hampton or Dizzy Gillespie pocket than I was expecting, ‘Salty Papa’ has still settled nicely into the Seeburg’s C4 slot, parked between The Marvelettes’ ‘I’ll Keep On Holding On’ and Lee Perry’s ‘Roast Fish And Cornbread’…and sounding perfectly at home.

Cal Tjader

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

CalTjader, Cal Tjader, Verve, Creed Taylor

Listen: Soul Sauce / Cal Tjader CalTjaderSoulSauce.mp3

Latin lounge, mambo, exotica, acid jazz. He was labelled all of them and more over the years. But it was this single, a cover of the Dizzy Gillespie song, that defined his heyday during the mid 60′s. Master of the vibraphone, which became the default instrument for the 90′s cocktail-lounge revival, put he and a good portion of his Creed Taylor produced Verve output back on the map. Another one for the jukebox. You’d think the device was invented for this single once you hear it through a set of Seeburg speakers.