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Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Play That Thing / Scratchmo

Listen: Play That Thing / Scratchmo Scratchmo.mp3

Play That Thing / Scratchmo

I still get a kick out of this one-off. I don’t really remember who put it together, but Julian Palmer at Island UK signed/released it – and sent me an advance when I did A&R for the US company. Proceeding to pretty quickly schedule it as a 12″, I think he was shocked. Early mix of mashup and acid house, it all sounds a bit novelty now. Thankfully, Julian released this on 7″ as well as 12″. The Louis Armstrong angle attracted me. I was very in to his aqua kitchen that I’d seen pictures of at the time. Handy for Scratchmo that I was going thru a Satchmo phase.