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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Listen: Motorcycle Man / Floyd Robinson

Mike Goldsmith called one Friday jonesing for a vinyl trawl, and so we headed toward Long Island early the next day to sniff out a comic book/toy store tipped to have a bunch of weird records in their back room. Sure enough, the tip was accurate. And by weird, what our friend meant was he hadn’t recognized any of the artists. Basically, what we uncovered were the remnants of an old radio station library previously picked clean of any and all known acts. This initially gave us both the shakes, but on closer examination, realized we’d stumbled on an incredibly sick collection of rare and remarkable obscurities. About four or five hundred singles later, we headed home ecstatic.

‘Motorcycle Man’ was one such gem, and upon hitting the turntable, it became totally apparent that ‘Motorcycle Man’ was a cocktail of surf, country vocals and garage trash. Not successfully uncovering a stitch of info on this Floyd Robinson has made me nuts for ages. By all counts, not the same Floyd Robinson who had RnB success in ’59 with ‘Makin’ Love’ on RCA. When I picked this up, I just figured they were one in the same, and the single would add to my small collection of his 7′s. Not so.

Any insight on this Floyd Robinson is welcome.