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Mongo Santamaria Orchestra

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Listen: Yeh-Yeh! / Mongo Santamaria Orchestra

Mongo Santamaria’s early to mid-60′s singles are all really worth picking up if you stumble across them. He’s cited for creating the Boogaloo scene, whatever that is. Still it sounds inviting to me. Basically those latinesque leaning singles spilled into the hipster bachelor pad column easily, and I admittedly liked it all, or should I say dug it all.

‘Yeh-Yeh!’ escaped me for years. And as it nudged it’s way up to the $25-$35 mark, I just refused to grab one. Like ‘Sunny, I’ll take any version of the song at any time. And so with great patience, I finally found a copy at my favorite place in New York. Academy Records in Williamsburg. I love their $1.00 boxes on the floor under the higher priced items in the racks. I love those boxes almost as much as I love the BROOKLYN VEGAN obsessed clerks filling them.