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The Ramones

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Listen: Censorshit / The Ramones
Censorshit / The Ramones

Clearly ‘Censorshit’ was yet another overlooked gem in the band’s catalog. Seems like the story of their professional life.

I was lucky enough to actually be in the studio when this song was recorded. Not the room with the desk, but the live one, where the band were set up facing one another. I recall them doing it three, four time tops, Joe singing guide vocals for the others to follow.

A few guitar overdubs happened later to enhance. Don’t recall if John did them, or if Ed Stasium (super producer, super talent, super kind human being, super friend) completed those bits.

And there you had it. The Ramones putting another stake in the heart of music history’s timeline.

Life can treat you very well, sometimes not, as we all know. Then there’s people, who sometimes can take away everything you own if they decide to.

On this particular occasion, life treated me not only well, but to a privilege bordering on miracle.

And remember, although others can take away your every possession, they can never take away your memories.