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Dark Shadows

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

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Listen: Dark Shadows Theme / The Robert Cobert Orchestra DarkShadowsTheme.mp3

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Listen: Shadows Of The Night (Quentin’s Theme) / The Robert Cobert Orchestra DarkShadowsQuentinsTheme.mp3

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Listen: Quentin’s Theme / The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde CharlesRandolphQentin.mp3

If I had my real dream come true, it would be to move into Collinwood, the daunting, cavernous mansion where the supernatural presided, on the rocky, stormy coast of Collinsport, Maine. It was home to DARK SHADOWS’ Barnabas Collins, Dr. Julia Hoffman and the Collins family. Fill that vast mahogany library with records, set up an AM Radio station, and just play suspenseful music for the rest of my life – enrapturing all the late, very late, night drivers lost on the dark back roads of rural Maine. Those roads can scare the lifeout of you – they have me. Sometimes when driving there in the early hours, I’ll just turn the headlights off for several seconds. Seems like an eternity, it’s terrifying. Mortifies Corinne and the kids to no end. But seriously, I watched DARK SHADOWS religiously after school every single day. Even in the summer, I’d draw the blinds and wish the howling wind and rain were really outside. So yes, to have a stormy night, every night and every day too, ocean crashing on the rocks and me beaming obscure records into the pitch black atmosphere would be heaven on earth.