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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Listen: You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties /Jona Lewie
You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties /Jona Lewie

Do you remember when this was an anthem? Or was that just my small crowd of friends?

The lyric, the message couldn’t have been more universal. Who the fuck doesn’t hang out in kitchens at parties, or in general. It’s always nice when there’s a lounge, sitting area or den attached to/part of the kitchen but if not, then all bets are the kitchen is the place.

To be honest, I don’t recall if this was even issued in the US. If so, it would have only been on a promo 12″, but I seriously doubt it.

Jona Lewie stuck it out for a long while, having a one off hit with/as Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs, predating punk conveniently as part of pub rock, then stumbling onto the Stiff roster. Perfect timeline.

Never a mention of this one in any of those Best Singles Ever lists, just goes to show you their value.

Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Listen: Sea Side Shuffle / Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs
Sea Side Shuffle / Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs

John Lewis wrote and recorded ‘Sea Side Shuffle’ with Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts, having recently joined as lead singer, and around that very time, changed his professional name to Jona Lewie. Their 1971 version, in the Mungo Jerry vein, who were having great initial success with a similar busking skiffle sound, flopped.

Partnering with Jonathan King for what was meant to be a one off re-release on UK Records, the boys used the pseudonym, Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs, and had a surprise UK, possible pain in the ass, #2 in July ’72. Now what?

Listen: She Left I Died / Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs
She Left I Died / Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs

A few follow ups. Not hard to figure that one out.

‘She Left I Died’ was the second such shot at another career surprise and also a sweet find, both acetate and UK demo pressing, at the UK Records mitzvah (see previous post) last Thursday.

Not having found real footing just yet, the record easily predicts pub rock and Jona Lewie’s ulitmate late 70′s anthem. A few listens in and ‘She Left I Died’ is hard not to love.

Jonathan King does it again.