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Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Listen: The New World / X

I saw one of the greatest bands in the solar system tonight at Irving Plaza in New York, and one their greatest shows ever.


Seen them many times, worked with them at Elektra, was a fan prior. But let me tell you, there is no other punk band in the universe from the era that a) still exists in the original lineup and b) can even begin to compete. They have scared off all the competition. Deservedly so.

X are presently touring, performing the LOS ANGELES album in it’s entirety, plus a ton of greatest hits. Yes, be relieved, they have survived the hump from has beens to legends. And thank God they did. We lost The Cramps, The Ramones and The Gun Club. The White Stripes and L7 threw in the towel. Only Suicide can stand proudly next to them.

If X come to your neck, don’t fuck up your remaining years on earth and miss this one.

Thankfully, tonight they played ‘The New World’. Funny listening to the recorded version now. It’s so much faster and, dare I say, pop or slick. Still, in it’s day, who was speaking out about injustice and corrupt politics. Maybe there were others. I only remember X.

Elektra UK had half a brain then. Unlike the US side, they released ‘The New World’ as a commercial 7″ (in the US it was serviced as a promo only 12″). Half a brain? Yeah, in the era of picture sleeves, how could the company not house this in one? The UK never took to X. Their loss.

A very rare 7″, but as it probably plays out, not as rare as finding a person that wants one.

Yes, we vinyl collectors are dying off. Someday this 7″ will be in the Smithsonian. Neither of us will be around, but my bet is, it’s a Mona Lisa.


Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

L7Drama, L7, Slash, Suzie Gardner, Donita Sparks

Listen: Drama / L7 L7Drama.mp3

Why the fuck can’t Suzi and Donita settle their differences and get back out there? God knows we need a female led, raw, powerful, filthy rock and roll band. Plus I will admit it: Suzi Gardner – I love you. Your short hair with the black roots in the back and the S&M cap sent me thru the roof at The Bowery Ballroom – one of the best shows I’ve ever seen – and yup, that was me right the in front, shouting obscenities, along with about 30 other hardcore Suzi sickos.

Glad I finally found this footage with that genius haircut:

I challenge anyone to write a song as good as ‘Drama”, which also has one of the two best guitar solos ever committed to tape. EVER. And the other one is……..coming soon.


Wednesday, November 30th, -0001

L7PretendFront, L7, London, Slash

L7PretendBack, L7, London, Slash

Listen: Pretend We’re Dead / L7 L7Pretend.mp3

Did anybody see L7 on Lollapalooza in ’93? It’s as though the event was tailor made for these girls. By now ‘Pretend We’re Dead’ was near anthemic and despite sharing the festival with headliners Green Day and The Smashing Pumpkins, it was becoming tricky to top them.

Stupidly, I paid little attention to their show at The Marquee in NY a year earlier. How could one be so careless? Very regretful. The place was jammed, L7 was on the way up. Alago and I got there late, so by now we were in the back and that was that.

Yes a hot summer’s day at Jones Beach for Lollapalooza sobered me right up. I was suddenly in a panic to get the back catalog on vinyl, fairly routine in the 90′s, although clean copies of ‘Pretend We’re Dead’ weren’t easy, not the sleeve at least.

L7AndreFront, L7, London, Slash

L7AndreBack, L7, London, Slash

Listen: Andres / L7 L7Andres.mp3

Even better was ‘Andres’, the first single from HUNGRY FOR STINK. Never will I forget their late night performances to promote it. Suzi Gardner singing lead, pretty handy as I’d become a serious, serious stalker. They played early in the day at Seattle’s Bumbershoot that August – on the big stage, meaning the huge arena on the grounds. Despite a few thousand kids, it still was desolate – for most bands that is. No worries, L7 delivered as though the joint was heaving. Their sheer power was relentless, a quality never lost.

Why they just stopped playing, threw in the towel, is frustrating and baffling. The last NY show was at Bowery Ballroom. Seems everyone went off boil, I couldn’t find one person to join me. The show may be in my Top 10 of life – it was that good.

L7 were just about to become the dependable pillar of punk, clawing up from a quiet patch, the live band you could always go see and never be let down. I dare say they were about the fill The Ramones’ shoes. Damn.