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Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Listen: This Charming Life / Joan Armatrading JoanCharming.mp3

Tell you what – I have never missed any of Joan Armatrading’s New York shows – ever. Last week was no exception. In a blink, she’s been writing, recording and touring now for 40 years…..40 years!

That’s a lot.

And the new single ‘This Charming Life’ self-celebrates her luck, whereby she can earn a solid living playing music to fans around the world. She appreciates it and has peace with her career. Her words, not mine.

Often coined as difficult, I say she has every right to be, if in fact that’s true. One single after the other, over four decades, not getting a fair shake at radio or mainstream exposure because of her inability to fit in, more like not being afraid to be herself. I’d be difficult too.

I stood in line to get my jukebox tab signed, happy to be a fan. It was truly fun.

When it was my turn to go to the alter, Joan barely looked up as I explained my request. “I only sign my name” was her cold response. Even better. Chose for yourself how you want to be remembered.

Her quick signature was suddenly accompanied by a smile and then, “I know you”. She remembered me! I was a kid again.

The conversation proceeded, and we had a most rewarding exchange. My feet didn’t touch the ground for hours, so enthralled, I forgot to ask her to please fill in the rest of the jukebox tab. Never mind. I’m content.

Joan Armatrading is a higher form of life. We are all lucky that she walks on the face of this earth. Believe it.