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Sunday, July 12th, 2009

reverendkelseyps, Reverend Kelsey, Brunswick

reverendkesley, Reverend Kelsey, Brunswick

Listen: I’m A Witness For My Lord / The Reverend Kelsey ReverendKesleyWitness.mp3

Listen: I’m A Royal Child / The Reverend Kelsey ReverendKesleyRoyal Child.mp3

Ok, I’m not a collector of Gospel, and certainly not an expert, yet always pick up the singles in the odd event I occasionally find them. This EP was amongst Tony King’s collection, and is brimming with fervour, spontaneity and a fantastic sense of urgency. These recordings show how the preacher and his congregation combine in passionate yet tender reverence, in a way that authentic spirituals always do.

Released in ’59, the four song EP included the A and B sides of The Reverend Kelsey’s 1956 UK single ‘I’m A Royal Child’ / ‘Where Is The Lion In The Tribe Of Judea’. I’m posting the A, and ‘I’m A Witness For My Lord’, both reaching riveting finales.

Anyone with a spare of his first UK single ‘The Wedding Ceremony Of Sister Rosetta Sharpe And Russell Morrison (Parts 1 & 2) – please email me.