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Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Listen: In The Year 2525 / Zager & Evans

Lucky me, I still hear ‘In The Year 2525′ every so often, probably because I have Sirius Satellite radio in the car, and pretty much fly exclusively on JetBlue, simply because they offer the radio network as part of their in-flight service. Not that I wouldn’t fly them regardless. Despite accruing over two million frequent flyer miles on American Airlines, they’ve turned into a ghetto in the sky. A flight attendant recently charged me $5.00 cash to go up front and get me the vegetarian meal I’d ordered but had been given to another customer. It was a New York to London flight, and I was famished. Still, I reported him as soon as we arrived.

Are there any songs more spot on about the future than this one? Talk about a crystal ball. Have mercy.

The record might even be scary in the right setting or state of mind. Seriously, it’s just impossible to tire of ‘In The Year 2525′. It still gives me the creeps.