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Thursday, October 14th, 2010

I'm Not Romantic / Phranc

Listen: I'm Not Romantic / Phranc 02 I_m Not Romantic.mp3

I Enjoy Being A Girl / Phranc

Listen: I Enjoy Being A Girl / Phranc 02 I Enjoy Being A Girl.mp3

Fact: Phranc is a special artist. Artist as in art, you know, paint and stuff; as well as music. Go see any of her exhibitions, she’s tremendous. Buy her pieces or just give her money. She deserves it. Musically, we crossed paths when Chris Blackwell signed her to Island. I was her A&R person, and we hit it off big time. Let me tell you, in addition to all creative assets, she’s kind, fair, honest, generous, a friend for life. I love her.

Didn’t take long to realize she was in fact a real live protest singer (“Take Off Your Swastika’, Bloodbath’ – see video below). Who was doing that then (’91) or even now? And a pop writer all at once.

Never could appreciate most female singer/songwriters. Basically, if they weren’t as powerful lyrically and vocally as Joan Armatrading, I just couldn’t be bothered. All the Jewels of the world should have been exterminated. White girls moaning that their boyfriends had left them. Really, they should’ve just finished nursing school and proceeded with their true calling.

But Phranc is none of that. She is brave, and touching, and controversial. Oh yeah, and fucking funny as hell. Example – her self introduction live: “I’m Phranc, with a P H and a hard C”. Get any of her albums, they’re terrific.

Marc Marot, who ran Island UK, really liked the Phranc stuff when I played it for him on a London visit. He not only agreed to release the album (POSITIVELY PHRANC), but also to issue a single. He did it up right, full colour picture sleeve, B side from the previous album, promotional tour. It’s a great double sider, and not an easy one to find. A perfect single.

Watch: Bloodbath / Phranc