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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


Listen: Party Down (Part 1)/ Little Beaver

Anything that lifted that ‘Why Can’t We Just Live Together’ groove sold me first listen. Seems TK and their subsidiaries patented it – and recycled the pattern with continual results (Gwen McCrae, George McCrae). I decided around ’75 that I loved playing records so much that a dj slot in an after work singles bar would be just fine, even if it was required the music be dance/disco/Top 40. Other than ‘Party Down’ and ‘Lady Marmalade’, I had no clue what to play. And everything I did play was met with an empty floor. It was like getting a job now on a mainstream Top 40 station like New York’s Z100 (yes they still are limping along grasping for air) and trying to figure out what that lowest form of life listener would want to hear. No thank you.

The sleaze of Little Beaver, right down to his name, has nicely lived on.